Welcome to the Castle JCRWest Courtyard RenovationCastle Spotlight: Castle Day 2017

Welcome to the Castle JCR

Welcome to the home of our undergraduate community within Durham University's oldest college - known as the Junior Common Room, or JCR!

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West Courtyard Renovation

Find out more about the upcoming redevelopment of the West Courtyard taking place at the end of 2017:

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Castle Spotlight: Castle Day 2017

Invitations to Castle Day now open!

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West Courtyard Renovation

The West Courtyard renovation has been in planning for a number of years. The current plan involves moving the Toastie Bar to the other side of the room and creating a seating area in the outside area behind the current location of the Toastie Bar (see Courtyard Panorama). The new Toastie Bar will be made […]

JCR Exec 2017/18 Elections

The Elections for the JCR Exec positions for the next academic year have come round at this point in Epiphany term, all candidate resources have been collated and updated as they come in. For more details on the present Exec Committee members and their roles, see here.   For on-demand results on elections from every […]

Welcome to Castle

Hello and welcome to the Castle JCR! The JCR (short for Junior Common Room) is the name for the undergraduate body within college, but is so much more than just that – it does a huge amount for its members and contributes a great deal to the unique Durham University experience. It’s sort of like a […]

Feedback and Contact

Current JCR Members: We have an anonymous feedback form for any area that falls within the workings of the JCR (like services, events, JCR governance, and any improvements for the website). There is option to provide your email for us to follow up on your enquiry. Any complaints and improvements will be taken into account as […]